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I created this platform as a way for people to make payment easily and quickly with just their credit card and no extra requirements like logging in to their Paypal account to perform the transactions. In addition, users can create subscriptions to get recurring income from their customers.

It is suppose to be simple, direct and no monthly fee!, the only thing that you need to do is sign up for a Stripe account and connect it to my platform.

Right now, I am the only developer working on this and though time is a bit limited for me with my day job, I still be able to work on any features that will be useful to the users. So feel free to give any suggestion and I will be willingly to assess and build them.

Who should use this?

Freelancers who sell their services to the world, leaselords who wants to collect recurring rental automatically instead of poking their tenants, friends who wants to pay friends because they own them money, and Businesses that wants a low cost payment platform.

There are endless possiblities, so go ahead and SIGN UP an account and start receiving your payment now.